State Required Biometric Information Disclosure and Authorization

Please be advised that your fingerprints will be collected, stored, and used in connection with your contract and/or employment with organization requesting your fingerprints (“ORGANIZATION”). Such collection, storage, and use of your fingerprints may occur at any time after the company receives your written authorization, including during the hiring process, as well as during the course of your contract and/or employment with ORGANIZATION or for volunteering/licensing, as the case may be, where permitted by law (“Stated Purposes”).

Your fingerprints are being collected and used in order to obtain Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) from state governments and/or agencies in connection with your contract and/or employment or volunteering with ORGANIZATION, or for licensing, as the case may be.

Your fingerprints and any information obtained using your fingerprints will be retained and stored by Fieldprint, Inc., and will be permanently destroyed minimally after three (3) years of your last interaction with Fieldprint, Inc. In some instances, we may retain your fingerprints for less than three (3) years or indefinitely, based on the requirements of our clients, which may be regulatory or otherwise. For the exact retention period for your particular purpose, please contact us at (888) 472-8918. You may view Fieldprint, Inc.’s Privacy Policy, on the retention and destruction of biometric information

[NOTE: This is for information and disclosure purposes. Once you schedule your appointment, you will have an opportunity to agree or not agree to the above statements and you will be instructed, accordingly.]